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  • Emma Chetwynd Jarvis

Drainage Mapping vs Drainage Surveys: Which one do you need?

In short, both drainage mapping and drainage surveys are extremely useful tasks to carry out. Although the two differ in the information they provide, by conducting both, it allows you to gain a detailed insight into the drainage system present and its condition, which can save on costs later down the line. This way, you will not be met by any surprise drainage failures.

Drainage Mapping

Drainage mapping provides exact information about the location of sewers and drains, as well as detailing the water flow direction and flow rates of a wastewater network. Using specialist electromagnetic location technology, it is possible to successfully locate underground drainage, sewage and water piping. You will receive a detailed report of your underground drainage system, including all sewers and drains, shared connections and any damages or breaks in the piping that will need to be repaired.

It is often the case that you may not have access to drainage records for your site. It is vital to find out where these systems are. Furthermore, by identifying any pre-existing issues with the system will avoid costly mistakes once work starts on site.

Drainage Surveys

A drainage survey is an in-depth inspection of a drainage system, using high tech cameras which are inserted into the drains. It is a safe and effective way of looking at the condition of a drainage system, as it allows contact-free inspection. Cameras give live feedback to those carrying out the survey, identifying the condition of the pipes.

A drainage survey is recommended for pre-existing buildings as an addition to general surveys that are carried out before work on the site commences. They allow you to reveal a range of common drain problems, such as fractured, cracked, defective or leaky pipes. It can also reveal blocked pipes or backed up sewage as you are able to view the inside of the pipe, rather than just the outside view that you receive from drainage mapping.

Drainage surveys are vital to planned preventative maintenance (PPM) programmes, allowing those in charge of site budgets to manage costs and avoid pipe failures.

Which one do I need?

If you don’t have access to the drainage map, and do not have drainage mapping, then this should be the first step before planning anything else. Without knowledge of the current drainage system you run the risk of mistakes and damages of the piping system, costing you more further down the line.

If you already have a drainage mapping, it is also useful to carry out a drainage survey, to identify the condition of the system, as this too could become costly. If you spot an issue with a pipe early

on, this can prevent costly pipe repairs further down the line. If Rock Surveying discover a problem during your drainage survey, our team will use their knowledge and expertise to solve your issue safely and efficiently.

How can we help?

Rock Surveying is experienced in providing accurate drainage mapping and surveys with accurate results.

To learn more about the importance of drainage mapping and surveys or to speak to one of our professionals, contact us today at or call 01905 456 384.


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