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Setting Out

Setting out surveys are used to ‘set out’ the exact position of a proposed structure inside a plot of land, developing a clear picture of how the build will fit within the legal geographical constraints, as well as showing how it will lie around underground utility services.

Using GPS coordinates, the Rock Surveying team creates a CAD drawing which sets out perfect position and levels of building lines and road alignments for a projected structure as per construction plans. 

Setting out surveys are particularly useful in planning for earth/waterworks, roads and other civil engineering projects, but they also play a key role in housebuilding and large property developments.



Land/Boundary Dispute Surveys

Land and boundary surveys provide information on the legal ownership of a property and its land boundaries.

This involves the setting out of actual boundaries on site, created in CAD drawings from title plans, which will highlight the location and position of a boundary.

The Rock Surveying team provides Land and Boundary surveys for a host of reasons, ranging from working with new housing or property developments to requests from solicitors and other legal representatives as part of a land or boundary dispute. 

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