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  • Emma Chetwynd Jarvis

What is borehole clearance and when should it be used?

What is Borehole Clearance?

Borehole clearance is an essential step in underground utility surveying, which is carried out before any works commence to ensure that your boreholes - either drilled or pitted -are a safe distance from underground utilities, and that no disused services are in the area.

When should Borehole Clearance be used?

Borehole clearance must be undertaken before any intrusive digging or excavation work starts, particularly in construction projects or civil engineering works where service connections are buried.

The importance of borehole clearance cannot be overstated. When working in close proximity to underground utilities, such as gas or electrical works or supply lines, care must be taken to ensure these are not damaged.

Detecting the presence or absence of utility services at the site of a proposed borehole drilling project is imperative before any excavation works can begin and must be carried out by a team of expert surveyors, like Rock Surveying.

What are the benefits of Borehole Clearance?

Damaging any underground utilities can have serious consequences, both for the safety of workers and legal implication.

Borehole clearance survey results are provided with GPS coordinates and surface mark-up to accurately show locations of existing utilities, helping to prevent utility strikes in the construction phase and even showing locations of deeper structures, such as sewers or buried obstructions like foundations.

Should there be any underground obstacles in the vicinity of a proposed borehole, a new location for excavation works can be identified, working around the routes of utility networks and buried infrastructure.

How can Rock Surveying help?

Using ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic location (EML) to identify and plot the location of any utilities, Rock Surveying can provide results showing non-metallic underground infrastructure, such as plastic cables and concrete foundations.

For a non-obligatory quote or to find out more about how Rock Surveying can help your business with borehole clearance and other utility surveying requirements, get in touch with a member of our team today at or call 01905 456 384.


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